Will a pap smear show if I hold a bacterial/yeast infection and trichomoniasis?

A pap smear will just show changes in your cervical cell. However, your doctor may collect swabs during the examination to determine if there is some sort of infection. If you're concerned something like having these infections, mention your concerns to your doctor and he/she will test you for this. Source(s): I'm a registered nurse
yes I would think so.
Yes, these infections can be detected by the swabs that they pocket during a pap smear. Your doctor will notify you to let you know if you do have an infection and consequently will more than likely call you something contained by or tell you an OTC medication that will help for a yeast infection.
A pap smear only checks for change in the cervical cells that could be rash signs of cancer. Sometimes a doctor will also order an HPV test to be done past its sell-by date of the collected cervical cells also.
In order to experiment for the infections you mentioned, your doctor will have to collect samples from your vagina near culture swabs. A urine sample may also be used to test for trichinosis.
No, you have to enjoy a different test for that. Ask your gyno.
no it shouldn,t
I'm a cytoscreener (dayjob) and I can say that I do detect yeast, bacteria and trich within pap smears...I do NOT have to report when I see them because they have nil to do with cancer. HOWEVER, a pap smear is NOT intended to identify any of these. Purpose of a Pap smear is to detect any early change in the cervix that MAY indicate pre-cancerous lesions. Consider the extra info as a bonus. If you're concerned around trich and yeast then you should do an HVS (high vaginal swab) for culturing and maybe a urine culture as all right.

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