Korean Kimchi-Can it cure yeast infections?


I heard that yogurt can help a yeast infection..but have anybody heard about Kimchi? they say-so it has the same stirring ingredients as yogurt!

Yogurt has a thing call, probiotics in it which may or may not help prevent infections and build a person with lactase intolerance more confidently able to digest dairy products.

For my medical knowledge, I do not believe that any cabbage product (Kim-chi included) provides for fungal, bacterial, viral or yeast infections.
Yeah you are on track. Source(s): http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/candida…
I wouldn't recommend it- kimchi is SPICY. Unless you want your crotch to oil lamp on fire...
No it doesn't, the best medication to cure yeast infections is medication.
Best way to cure it is to eat live culture - Yakult and Womens Inner Health plus are the best inborn solutions!

Good Luck!
and did u know that korean Kimchi is one of the 5-best foods in the world?!?!?!?! that's awesome becuz i'm S.Korean ^.^ and i'm pround too be one!! oh~ yeah~~

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